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GESTA Office: Building 23, Room N209
GESTA Conference Room: W131,
(voice) 301-286-2066, (fax) 301-286-0319,
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General Membership meetings usually occur at Noon on the first Thursday of each month in Building 23, room W131.

Dates of Upcoming General Meetings:
October 2, 2014

Anel Flores, President


Walter T. Flournoy, Executive Vice-President
Stephen J. Leete, Secretary
Edwin H. Fung, Treasurer
Frank J. Kirchman, Area Vice-President
Gregory C. Marr, Area Vice-President
David A. Quinn, Area Vice-President
Jacob S. Rosenberg, Area Vice-President




Non Competitive Promotion Process

Agreement Regarding the Appointment of Term Employees 

Library Settlement Agreement





The NASA Classification and Promotions Desk Guide

W E L C O M E !


Equality For Fed New Hires
Regarding Pensions


Labor Law Reform


The Ludlow Massacre Still Matters


Lots & Lots of Sacrifice


Proposed FY15 NASA Budget


Ryan FY15 Budget Targets Feds


Inadequate 1% Pay Raise


Hands Off Federal Pensions!


Post Furlough Frequently Asked Questions Answered


House and Senate vote to reopen government, extend debt ceiling


How To Obtain Unemployment In
Case of Furloughs and/or Layoffs


Defend Medicare & Medicaid and Stop Attacks on Federal Workers!


Unions May Negotiate Terms of Layoffs


We got it for you: The 15 Percent Quota on Term Hires is Abolished!




 Legislative Update

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 If you are a non-supervisory GSFC Engineer, Scientist or Technician, then you are likely to be a Bargaining Unit Employee.


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 Collective Bargaining Agreement:

(GSFC OHR Web Site)

  Collective Bargaing Agreement (PDF)  

GESTA's Bylaws


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Your Right To Union Representation

Your Weingarten Rights To Union Representation Explained


Annual Notice of an Employee's Right to Union Representation


Other Technical Information

Merit System Protection Board

Douglas Factors Mitigations


Information Requested of Employees in Performance/PIP Cases


 Pay Information

2014 Payroll Table

2014 Payroll Calendar

Pay Comparability Adjustment Notice

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